Harlem residents together with the NYC Rev Club and members of the Stop Mass Incarceration and others, held a press conference today at the Harlem State Office Building, in the middle of a raging storm, which was NO match for the rage of the people who came together to speak out and stand up against this vicious assault by the police. Full report coming soon. Stay tuned. 

This past Sunday’s emergency meeting and speak out on the military style police raid in Harlem which left dozens of people deeply disturbed and outraged. Many parents of those arrested and others came out and spoke about their experiences being terrorized by the NYPD, not only with this raid, but on a constant basis. People with the Stop Mass Incarceration Network and the Revolution Club spoke with people on how we are standing up against this outrage as a part of standing up to Mass Incarceration and the criminalization of whole sections of society which is completely illegitimate and intolerable!

Come out to the speak out and rally THIS FRIDAY! 125th and Adam Clayton Powell. Stand together with those this police raid has directly affected and others who are outraged that these kinds of unjust things go on. This system has no place for these whole sections of society… but the Revolution DOES!

"All the police and helicopters, radios popping… I thought there was a terrorist attack or something," a resident of one of the projects told Revolution that afternoon. "Then when I saw what was happening… I realized it was terrorism. The police was terrorizing the neighborhood!"

NYC Rev Club and others with the movement for revolution, standing up against the outrageous, military style police raid at Grant Homes in Harlem, with 400 police officers and helicopters overhead, arresting 40 people ages 15-30 on ‘gang related’ offenses. Whether or not all these people were guilty of these crimes, this is a CRIMINAL system that is not meant to actually help the people in these conditions. This system is not meant to meet their basic needs, so for those who do what they have to to survive, they are massively incarcerated and treated as less than human. We in the movement for revolution say NO MORE! We need to bring in masses of people to stand up against these outrages and build up the strength to beat these monsters, through revolution and nothing less!
Read the article published by the Stop Mass Incarceration Network condemning these actions taken by police.

Here we are again, another illigitimate, unnecessary use of force by the police, that nearly killed a child, in this case a 19 month old who is now paralyzed and in a medically induced coma. 

Read this statement issued by the Revolution Club on the case of Javier Payne, a 14 year old who was severely brutalized by the police 2 weeks ago in the Bronx. It is just as relevant with this case, and countless others. But as the statement puts it, and our club invitation puts it, ‘It is up to US to put an end to this madness.”

On the NYPD Brutalization of Javier Payne

Statement from the NYC Revolution Club

Fourteen years old

Smashed through a window by police

Handcuffed while he bleeds from his punctured lung

As he calls for help he is told he’ll be fine/suffering ignored

Police call in ambulance with protocol for normally used for drunks

Mother cannot visit without permission

Charged with resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration, and disorderly conduct

Are we supposed to accept any of this as legitimate? Take a look at this incident in all of its detail and horror. Is it any stretch to say that the people who did this are monsters?  Is it any exaggeration to say that this is a monstrous system?

How long? How much more police murder after brutality, after murder after brutality? After all the bullshit reforms and empty promises, this is still A SYSTEM that has no future for the youth.

“You got to stop this, you got to put a stop to this,” Cherita, Javier’s mother said.  “We’ve got to stand up for ourselves, for our children.  We’re human.  We have rights.  My kid has rights, too.”

And she is right. It IS up to us, to stand up to this madness, while we transform ourselves, to build up the strength to BEAT THESE MONSTERS who have power over us, seizing power from them to uproot all the horrors that this system brings for so many millions all over the world.


Announcing… Abortion Rights Freedom Ride 2014: GROUND ZERO TEXAS


Abortion rights – and the lives and future of women – are in a state of emergency. Nowhere is this more concentrated than in Texas.
In 2011 there were 46 abortion clinics in Texas; if all the current restrictions go into effect as scheduled, by September 1st of 2014 there will be only 6 clinics remaining. Texas is over 800 miles wide and has over 26 million residents. Women who cannot access safe, legal abortions have their lives foreclosed when they are forced to have children against their will. Or, they risk their lives, die, or go to prison for attempting to self-induce abortions.
Women who live in poverty, especially immigrant women and others in the Rio Grande Valley along the Mexican border, have been hit the hardest. Unable to come up with the money to travel hours to the nearest clinic and/or unable to travel through the immigration checkpoints for lack of “legal” documents, these women are trapped. On September 1st, if a medically unnecessary law designed to close abortion clinics goes into effect, the nearest clinic will be closed and these women will have to travel approximately 300 miles to the next nearest clinic.
It is immoral to abandon the women of Texas. It is also delusional to think that these attacks will not spread to the rest of the country if they are not stopped there. In reality, Texas is a concentration of the nation-wide war on women. 6 states have only one abortion clinic. 203 laws restricting abortion have been passed nation-wide since 2011. 8 doctors and clinic workers have been murdered by anti-abortion violence, and in March 2014 a clinic was so severely vandalized in Montana that it was forced to close. Everywhere, women who seek abortions are harassed, shamed, humiliated and terrorized.
Forced Motherhood is Female Enslavement!
Abortion Providers Are Heroes!
Abortion On Demand and Without Apology!
Join and support the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride 2014: GROUND ZERO TEXAS
For the month of August through September 1: The Abortion Rights Freedom Ride will caravan through Texas, stopping in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and then down to the Rio Grande Valley near the Mexican border. People from around the country and around Texas will politically confront and protest those behind the anti-abortion attacks and laws, rally support for those on the front lines providing abortions, fight to change the way people think about abortion by raising the slogans: Abortion On Demand and Without Apology and Forced Motherhood is Female Enslavement, and wake people up nation-wide to this emergency.
What you can do now: Sign up to take part in the Ride, volunteer to house people down in Texas, donate to this effort, volunteer to spread and support this nation-wide.
Contact StopPatriarchy@gmail.com or go to StopPatriarchy.org



Listen to Sabrina Jacobs’ interview with Sunsara Taylor, initiator of Stop Patriarchy & writer for Revolution newspaper. Includes audio from #YesAllWomen protests last weekend.

NEWSFLASH! Last night, the NYPD nearly killed another black youth, this time 14 year old Javier Payne; thrown through a glass window and handcuffed as he was bleeding nearly to death from a punctured lung. HOW MANY MORE TIMES DOES THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN!? 

The Revolution Club is leading people to stand up against this outrage, and giving people the understanding that things don’t have to be this way. Until we make a revolution, and dig up the rotted roots of this system, and everything that comes along with it, we can not fully get rid of this or any other horror that plagues our society. We CAN make a revolution! There is a real basis to do this, a party that is leading, a strategy, and a club that is carrying out that strategy today, and leading people to fight the power and transform the people FOR REVOLUTION!